Augmented Reality

FT Weekend Festival: AR Lens Prototype

This exclusive project prototype for the Financial Times was dedicated to enhancing the FT Weekend Festival experience. I developed four dynamic lenses using Lens Studio - Snap AR, meticulously crafted for seamless integration with Snapchat, significantly elevating the live events and marketing campaigns associated with the festival.

Proposal included the development of promotional assets:

  • The Live AR Schedule lens ensured festival-goers stayed informed with real-time updates on event schedules, guaranteeing they didn't miss any key moments.

  • Interactive Financial Times print ads brought static materials to life, offering an immersive and engaging way for attendees to interact with festival content.

  • The 3D Event Site Map lens transformed navigation, providing a visually rich and interactive map for a more intuitive festival experience.

  • Lastly, the Filters lens added a personalized touch, enabling attendees to share their unique moments during live event through captivating filters.
  • This project showcases a strategic amalgamation of technology and media, demonstrating how AR can enhance the impact of live events and marketing initiatives. Specifically designed for the FT Weekend Festival, these lenses contributed to an unforgettable and interactive experience, aligning seamlessly with the brand's commitment to innovation and audience engagement.